Digital Services Platform (DSP)

Cadeia provides a digital platform for the structuring, issuance and settlement of complex financial products (e.g. asset-backed securities or syndicated loans but also simple bonds). In addition to enhanced servicing functionalities and a rule-based cash flow distribution solution, the platform also offers reporting, compliance and analytics tools for issuers and investors. At its core, a blockchain-agnostic Smart Contract Engine (SCE) allows for the automated execution of legal contracts, transactions, and payments.


Issuance &


With its platform, Cadeia offers a solution for the streamlined structuring, issuance and settlement of complex financial products in traditional or digital form. Issuers and investors can collaborate easily throughout the whole process, and agree on deal terms with a digital handshake.

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Servicing &

Cash Flow


Cadeia’s integrated  servicing and cash flow distribution solution allows not only to digitize and automate servicing workflows around financial products , but it also provides rule-based payment execution over the entire product lifecycle for enhanced efficiency and safety as well as reduced costs.

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Compliance &


For investors and issuers alike, Cadeia’s platform offers advanced reporting, compliance and analytics tools, which are all built upon shared real-time information, increased data transparency and quality, as well as automatically generated audit trails and compliance proofs.

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Cadeia is a financial technology company with the vision to make global capital market transactions and financial products more secure and efficient for both, issuers and investors alike. Based on novel distributed ledger technologies, Cadeia develops and operates the Digital Services Platform (DSP) for complex financial products, catering to the needs of banks, asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds, among others.

Founded by an experienced and diverse team of investment banking veterans, financial technology enthusiasts, and digital asset experts with a combined +100 years in the market, the company aims to build a holistic solution to critical business problems from a client-centric perspective.

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We believe that innovation happens when different perspectives come together to solve difficult problems in ways that were previously impossible.

That’s why we specifically look for people who bring different life experiences, different educational backgrounds, different cultures, and different work experiences, but also different personalities. We would love to hear how you can bring something unique and forward-thinking to our team.

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